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Every site we create is built using responsive technology. Simply put, the web site re-orders its contents providing an optimal viewing experience on any device.  Desktops, tablet pc’s or smartphones.
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Elegant Designs

We have a vast experience of graphics design within the web development sector.  It is our goal to keep abreast of the most modern web site design techniques to ensure your site is at the forefront of web design.

Simple Pricing Structure

We provide a simple pricing structure which is based on the type of web site required and required functionality.  Our terms are clear and concise.  We believe in an upfront pricing system providing clarity for all parties.

Responsive Design

We build all sites with responsive technology.  This technology enables the website to re-order the contents to provide an optimum viewing experience for the user whether the site is accessed using a desktop, a tablet pc or a smart phone.

Plans and Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple and designed to cater for around 90% of small businesses requiring a web presence.  If your requirements fall outside  the scope of a pricing structure, please call to arrange a meeting to discuss further.

Single Page

  • A one page brochure website.
  • including a selection of images and text provided by the client.
  • A contact form to enable users to enter their details and await contact from you.
  • one e-mail address.
  • Features listed below.

Advanced site including basic e-commerce

  • Five Page site outlining company details.
  • Fully functional e-commerce system with all the additional pages required to sell online. OR
  • Calendar booking system to sell tickets online for events.
  • Receive payments for goods / services online.
  • Text and images to be supplied by the client.
  • Blogging facility.
  • Five e-mail addresses.
  • Features listed below.

All Web Site Packages include:

Domain name registration

Your domain name (e.g www.xyz.com) will be registered by us for your first year. Your e-mail addresses also contain your domain name (e.g someone@xyz.com) which add a professional look to your online communications.

Web Hosting

Your site has to be hosted on a server, online, which enables access by your potential customers. we include this as part of our packages for the first year.

Search Engine Optimisation

To enable your site to be found among the billions that are on the web, your site must be optimised so search engines (like google or bing) can store details of your site so when users search for it, it is available.

Just a handful of designs

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a site?
Not a problem. We will though, require the details of the organisation that domain is currently registered with and the details of the organisation that hosts your site (most of the time these are the same organisation). In order for us to make the necessary changes, we will require the usernames and passwords for each. These can be obtained from the company or individual who created your site.
What is the design process?
  1. You select a package
  2. We discuss with you, some details about your organisation so we can provide you with the best design that suits your marketing sector.
  3. We provide you with three potential designs from which you can select one.
  4. We send you a copy of the job acceptance form for you to sign and return
  5. We construct the site using default images and text where appropriate.
  6. You provide the images and text to replace the default items.
  7. We launch the site.
What if I don't have any images?
If you do not have any images for your site, or you do not feel that your images are of high enough quality, we can provide you with a selection of images from which you can choose the image that best suits your requirements.
Main banner images cost £8.00 each.
Other images cost £3.00 each.
When do I pay?
We are so confident that you will love your site, we only invoice after completion.
Can we meet up to discuss my requirements?
If you live within a 40 mile radius of Torbay, we can meet up to discuss your requirements. If you are outside this radius, all communication must be done via telephone or e-mail. We offer websites at an extremely competitive price and the only way we can achieve this is to keep costs as low as possible. Extensive travelling would prevent us offering these prices.
Can I purchase additional e-mail addresses?
Of course. Additional e-mail addresses can be purchased at a cost of £9.99 / year.
Can I order additional pages?
Of course. If you have a requirement for additional pages, these can be purchased at a cost of £74.00 / page.
Can you design us a Logo?
If you are a startup and currently have no logo or branding at all, we can provide you with this service. A logo will be charged at £79.99.

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